These quick stories and use cases may help you to understand the opportunities with Memonia.

Learn how teams use Memonia application in Slack:

Knowledge management

Work smarter with automatic knowledge sharing

Your teams share knowledge every day, with Memonia they might be collected and shared automatically. In the public Slack channels of your choice Memonia identifies and memorises useful knowledge and delivers answers for questions.

  • Automatically create a knowledge base from team's conversations.
  • Find answers, discovered in Slack channels or Confluence Wiki pages.
  • Identify and support the most helpful teammates who constantly share their knowledge.
Automatic QnA knowledge discovery from team's conversations

Memonia identifies and memorises knowledge in a QnA form or useful facts from messages.

Automatic discovery a useful fact from a message

Memonia delivers answers for questions, which have answered to similar questions before or discovered in Slack messages or in Confluence wiki pages.

Automatic searching an answer for a question


Give new employees answers

Usually, all of your new employees are going through an adaptation process in your company which you're carefully support. However, there are always some questions you couldn't cover and new employees start asking their colleagues in the Slack channels. Memonia identifies those repetitive questions and finds answers to them.

  • Use common conversations of your teams as a source of knowledge.
  • Repetitive questions don't distract your team.
  • New employees don't afraid to ask and psychological safety of your team is increasing.
repetitive questions by new employees

Memonia identifies experts in various topics and gives you hints whom of your teammates might help.

question response with experts hint example

New employees can ask Memonia directly to find related answers in your knowledge base.

search results example

Customer Support

Spend less time on repetitive questions

Your customer support representatives often ask your engineers many questions. In addition to a ticketing system, you might decide to set up a Slack channel to provide online support and resolve issues. Of course, the same questions keep being asked over and over again. While Memonia doesn't solve all of the problems, it might try to reduce wasting time on those repetitive questions.

  • Auto-respond to Slack messages with the answer for repetitive questions.
  • The source to update your FAQ for customers and colleagues.
Customer Support

Creating FAQ for teams or customers

Using Memonia's tools, manually create and edit QnA knowledge to form your FAQ content. Use it in the channels with your customers and Memonia identifies the similar questions and delivers answers from your FAQ.

  • Create your FAQ for customers and colleagues in Slack.
  • Find and deliver your answers from FAQ automatically.
Manual Knowledge Discovery from any message

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