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  1. Visit Atlassian Marketplace to install Memonia for your Confluence Cloud.

  2. When you finished your installation successfully, you should see a configuration Memonia page inside in your Confluence:

    Memonia installation page inside Confluence

    In case you accidentally left the Memonia configuration page, you can easily find it again in your Confluence Settings → Manage Apps → Memonia Confluence Integration → Configure.

  3. Click on the "Connect to Slack" button to connect your particular instance of Confluence with any Slack workspace you have access to.

    You should confirm your Slack identity to proceed.

  4. After Slack identity confirmation, you should get returned to your Confluence instance, and you could check your Memonia installation status and choose your Confluence wiki spaces that you want to make available for Slack and Memonia:

    Memonia installation status inside Confluence

    By default, all of your spaces are disabled for knowledge extraction. Notice, that the wiki knowledge from chosen spaces are available in Slack after some time (usually, 3-4 hours).

  5. Finally, you should choose which Confluence spaces are be available for automatic and manual search in which Slack channels.

    To do that, we provide a simple tool in your Slack workspace.

    Just type in /memonia collections in any public channel.

    Memonia collections in Slack

    If you don't have any knowledge collections defined, you should define at least one. Knowledge collections give you complete control to assign Confluence wiki spaces to the appropriate Slack channels.

    Basically, you should put into some named knowledge collection your Slack channels and wiki spaces of your choice to share the same knowledge. The knowledge in one collection, gathered from particular wiki spaces and Slack channels, is available for automatic and manual search in all of the channels from the same collection.

    Memonia collections with Confluence

    You can add a wiki space to any of your collections using a context menu option "Add a Confluence space". Please note, this option is only available if you've already installed integration (finished the steps above).

If you have any questions, suggestions or need help, don’t hesitate to get in touch.