How to use Atlassian Confluence Cloud with Slack

Confluence with Slack

Confluence Cloud application for Slack is a very simple integration tool to receive updates of your wiki pages and provides better-looking link previews in your Slack channels.

This native application from Atlassian wasn't designed to provide you with the whole Confluence experience at the moment, and it mostly just keep you posted on changes in your Confluence. Still, there is an additional solution to extend the core functionality of Confluence application that we will show you later.

Confluence Cloud integration with Slack

Follow to the Confluence page in Slack App Directory to install it for your workspace.

After installation, to start using this application properly, you should link your Confluence account and Slack workspace. Just use the following command:

/confluence login

You have to authorise the usage of this application:

Confluence linking account with Slack

Now, you need to decide where you'd like to receive updates related to your pages and comments in a Confluence space. You can connect any Confluence space to any Slack channel you want. To do that, you need to use the connect Confluence command in a Slack channel:

/confluence connect
Confluence connect space to Slack channel


Page updates

If you configured and connected your Confluence space to a Slack channel, you would receive page update notifications from Confluence application in your Slack channels:

Confluence published page notification

Commenting pages

When someone leaves a comment on your wiki page, you will receive an update in Slack channel like this:

Confluence comment notification

And you even can answer it without leaving Slack. Just click on the Reply button and fill in the following dialogue:

Confluence comment notification

All of the comments from Confluence and Slack conveniently would be available in both services.

Searching wiki pages

Unfortunately, there is a lack of any functionality related to the search in wiki pages provided by Atlassian. However, there is a very powerful solution to fix this.

This is where we, at Memonia, would like to help you with - providing you with the search in Wiki pages automatically and manually. To do that we've created our own an integration solution for Slack.

Memonia wiki knowledge example

Memonia provides you with different kinds and approaches of the search for your Wiki pages (and actually for other knowledge integrations as well):

  • Automatic search - for some of your questions in Slack channels, Memonia would automatically respond if there was anything relevant in your Wiki pages
  • Manual search - the integrated semantic and keyword-based search for your Wiki pages

Memonia isn't designed to replace your Confluence. It lives entirely in Slack and implements the seamless integration with Confluence and Slack, without any additional accounts except Slack and Confluence.

Give it a try for free, following the installation instruction