Create FAQ to automate responses to repetitive questions in your Slack channels

FAQ for Slack

If you have a lot of repetitive questions in your Slack channels, there is a really neat solution to deal with it.

You can create your FAQ as a Google Doc with Google Drive to provide answers automatically in Slack channels with Memonia.

(Actually, you can create FAQ just only using Memonia alone, or with Memonia and Confluence, but that's another story)

Create a FAQ document in Google Drive

Just create a Google Doc and use standard styles:

  • Title - for any title of your document
  • Heading 1 - for questions.

    Please, avoid contextual questions like, "What is it" or references between questions. All of the questions should be independent from each other.

  • Normal text - for answers.
FAQ Google Doc example

You should provide more than one question to proceed.

Share your FAQ document with Slack channels

Now, to share it and make it available for automatic responses in your Slack channels, you should have installed Memonia app in your Slack workspace. There is no need to install anything else. The Memonia Google Drive integration is pre-installed for you and you don't need the official Google Drive app for Slack for this.

  1. Click on Share in Google Drive
  2. Click Share and then click Advanced.

  3. Under Invite type

  4. Choose View only access.

  5. Uncheck Notify to avoid a misleading mailer message.

    Memonia collections with Confluence
  6. Copy a Link to share and click OK.

  7. In Slack, choose a public channel where you'd like to share this FAQ.
  8. Use the Memonia command:
    /memonia collections
    to configure your knowledge collections.
  9. Create at least one collection using Create a new collection button.
  10. Add your shareable link from Google Drive and Slack channels you'd like to, using the knowledge collection item menu (...):
    Memonia collections with a FAQ document and Slack channels

Give it some time (about 10 minutes for small documents) to analyse and index your document.

Delivering answers from your FAQ document to Slack channels

That's it. You've configured everything you need to get Memonia automatically responds to questions in the specified Slack channels.

First, try to use the Memonia manual search with:

/memonia search How to create a FAQ in Google Drive?

just to check if your question has been indexed already.

Next, check if the automatic search and response is working as well. Just ask the same question in the selected Slack channels and wait for 1-2 minutes. You should receive an automatic message from Memonia bot.

For more details, please look at our guide.