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Q&A pairs

based on the test results on the public community Slack workspaces.


Memonia is free during the beta periods but sets the following usage limits per Slack workspace:

The limits that are in place for the beta release are subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't Memonia recognise my particular question or answer?

Memonia uses many algorithms, machine learning and NLP models to recognise most forms of the user messages and conversations.

Unfortunately, because of the human language nature, the task isn't easy to solve, and there are still many cases where Memonia might not be able to detect Q&A pairs or find the right answer to a question.

For instance, this usually happens with short messages because they might be filtered out as common small talk conversations. The good news is that Memonia is improving all the time in this area.

Look at our guide for more details.

What happens with my data if I uninstall Slack application?

Memonia never does anything to your own messages or data in your workspace.

In case you decided to uninstall our application, we remove only the index of your data from our servers. So, if you decide to install it again later, you would need to wait for reindexing your channels before you are able to find previous Q&A pairs again.

Look at our Privacy Policy for more details.

How to choose in which channels Memonia should work?

Invite the Memonia bot to any public channel you'd like to.

Your data is safe

Read how your data is handled in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in our Privacy Policy.

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